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Lighting in the kitchen: the ideal light for the perfect atmosphere

Create the perfect atmosphere in a modern kitchen with lighting

Taking care of kitchen lighting and under-cabinet lighting is one of the most impactful aspects for the aesthetic result of the kitchen itself, but unfortunately it is also one of the most underestimated.

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home, the place where the whole family gathers or where we sit with friends to share carefully prepared dinners, eat desserts and create unforgettable memories. For this reason, the lighting of the kitchen and under cabinets cannot be underestimated. In fact, to ensure that this space of the house is welcoming, functional and aesthetically pleasing, choosing the right lighting is essential.

In this article we have prepared for you a real guide to kitchen and under-cabinet lighting, we will explore how to create the perfect atmosphere in a modern kitchen and we will focus on general and under-cabinet lighting. We will explain the different types of lighting in detail and provide you with practical advice to transform your kitchen into a space that inspires, breathes and transmits serenity.

The importance of having the correct lighting in your kitchen

The most difficult part in the world of kitchen and undercabinet lighting is helping people who haven't done it yet understand its importance.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the daily lives of all people and the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house typically most used by the whole family. This last feature demonstrates how essential it is to carefully take care of the lighting in the kitchen and under cabinets.

A well-lit kitchen will not only allow you to carry out daily activities more easily and effectively, but will also help create a welcoming and pleasant environment in which to spend time with family and friends.

Meal preparation, cooking and cleaning require good visibility to avoid accidents or mistakes. Under-cabinet lighting, for example, offers direct light onto the worktop, allowing you to cut and cook precisely and safely.

Another important reason to carefully take care of kitchen lighting is that the light itself will influence your well-being and mood. In fact, a well-lit space can seem larger, stimulates a good mood and promotes a general sense of well-being. On the contrary, inadequate or poorly functional light can cause eye strain, headaches and even negatively influence our mood.

An equally important but very underestimated aspect until its lack emerges is the brightness necessary to carry out daily activities in the kitchen. Imagine having to cut vegetables and never having the necessary light to see where the blade passes, or not being able to distinguish the peel from the peeled part. Unfortunately, sometimes the brightness is insufficient and this becomes a serious problem, not only from a practical point of view, but also from a safety point of view.

It is also important to consider that correct lighting supports the environment. The choice of intelligent lighting systems and LED lamps can help reduce energy consumption, allowing us to live more sustainably without compromising the comfort and functionality of the kitchen.

Finally, a correctly lit kitchen can encourage people to spend more time together in a pleasant and creative way. Thus the kitchen becomes a place where you feel inspired to experiment with new recipes, to cook with passion and to share special moments with friends and family. A bright kitchen becomes the heart of the home, a place of connection and conviviality that nourishes the most precious relationships and memories.

And the lighting of the kitchen and under cabinets becomes the tool for creating the perfect atmosphere.

The different types of lighting for the kitchen and under cabinets

Once you have fully understood the importance of lighting for the kitchen and under cabinets, it is a good idea to pay a moment's attention to the different types of lighting to consider when choosing your modern kitchen.

We can divide the types of lighting into three main categories:

General Lighting: This is the main light in the room, often provided by ceiling lights or recessed spotlights. General lighting is essential to uniformly cover the entire kitchen space, ensuring that there are no dark areas or annoying shadows

Under Cabinet Lighting: This type of lighting is placed under kitchen cabinets and provides direct light onto the worktop. It is particularly useful when preparing food and adds a touch of elegance and modernity to your kitchen

Island or Peninsula Lighting: If your kitchen has a center island or peninsula, lighting is also critical for creating a visual focal point and providing adequate light for tasks such as cooking and meal preparation

But how do you create the perfect atmosphere in the kitchen thanks to the right lighting? Precisely starting from the subdivision just proposed.

In fact, to start creating the perfect atmosphere in the kitchen, the very first thing to consider is general lighting.

This should be bright enough to evenly cover the entire kitchen area.

Here are some tips for you to best manage the general lighting in your kitchen:

Use recessed spotlights for a cleaner design.
In fact, recessed spotlights are an excellent choice for the modern kitchen because they offer a clean and minimalist design. Strategically positioned on the ceiling, they spread light evenly without taking up visual space. Make sure you choose spotlights with a neutral color temperature for bright but not too cold light.

Use some pendant lamps to give a touch of original style.
Pendant lamps are an increasingly popular design element in Italian kitchens because they are ideal for illuminating both the work area and the central island. Choose lamps with modern shapes and elegant materials to add a touch of style to your kitchen. Adjust the height of the lamps to obtain the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Use a dimmer for perfect control.
Installing a dimmer for general lighting will allow you to adjust the intensity of the light according to different needs. You will be able to have a more intense light during culinary activities and lower the intensity during moments of relaxation or romantic dinners. A dimmer switch will give you complete control over the atmosphere of your kitchen.

As far as under-cabinet lighting is concerned, it is good to know that this is essential to improve the functionality and appearance of your modern kitchen. This lighting is strategically placed under kitchen cabinets and provides direct light onto the worktop. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it for undercabinet lighting:

Use LED strips for a real WOW effect.
LED strips are an increasingly popular choice for under-cabinet lighting because they are easy to apply and install. Furthermore, they offer a breathtaking lighting effect and you can choose between different color shades to create the atmosphere you want for your every single moment.
LED strips also offer significant energy savings and long life, making them a practical and efficient solution.

Opt for adjustable lighting to enjoy greater flexibility.
Choosing adjustable undercabinet lights means choosing to have the flexibility to direct the light beam where it is needed most. This type of lighting will allow you to focus the light on specific work areas, such as the hob or sink, improving visibility and making daily tasks easier, and then direct the light where it can create the best atmosphere.

Do you want a welcoming environment? You have to choose warm light.
To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, choose a warm color temperature for your under-cabinet lights. A warmer light will bring warmth and comfort to your kitchen, making it a place where it is pleasant to spend time with family and friends.

    Not just artificial lighting: you must also consider natural light

    In addition to artificial lighting for your kitchen and under cabinets, natural light is also an element you need to consider if you want to create a welcoming atmosphere.

    So here are some tips just for you that will help you make the most of natural light in your modern kitchen right away:

    Choose large windows.

    Especially when possible, opt for large, clear windows that allow more natural light into your kitchen. Large windows will help make the space brighter and more airy, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

    Opt for lightweight, breathable curtains.

    In fact, these are perfect for filtering natural light without blocking it completely. These curtains will allow light to penetrate and create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. And, if you're concerned about privacy, you can always add heavier curtains or blinds to control the intensity of the light.

    Use mirrors and reflective surfaces.

    Mirrors, but in general reflective surfaces, can be an effective trick to increase the amount of natural light in your kitchen. Position the mirrors strategically, so as to reflect the light coming from the windows and spread it further into the space. This trick will not only brighten up your kitchen but also give the illusion of a larger space.

    Home automation, or smart home

    An innovative way to manage the lighting in your kitchen and under cabinets is through smart lighting systems, or home automation. These systems allow you to control the lighting through your smartphone or with voice commands.

    In case you're not sure you know these systems thoroughly, here are some benefits of smart lighting:

    Personalized control, to create customized light scenarios for different activities. For example, you can set a brighter light when preparing meals and a softer light during moments of relaxation.

    Energy saving, because intelligent lighting systems allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs, thus reducing energy consumption. You will be able to monitor and optimize lighting use to reduce energy costs.

    Automation, always a very fun process. In fact, with home automation, you can program the turning on and off of the lights based on the times or your daily routines. This will allow you to always have the right light at the right time without having to think about adjusting it manually

    The right atmosphere is also created with the lighting of the furniture

    In addition to functional lighting and that dedicated exclusively to the kitchen and under cabinets, you can use decorative lights to highlight particular elements of your kitchen furnishings.

    Some examples of furnishing lighting can be:

    LED lights for display cases and shelves, because if you have display cases or shelves in your kitchen, you should always consider using LED lights to highlight the items on display. This lighting will add a touch of elegance and make your decorative items even more eye-catching.

    Wall spotlights on paintings and plants, which always prove to be an excellent tool for emphasizing these elements. Spot lighting will make your artwork and plants real focal points in your kitchen.

    Floor lights for an indirect effect, because floor lights can create a charming indirect light effect, giving your kitchen an elegant lounge atmosphere. You can place these lights strategically to create plays of light and shadow that give an aura of mystery and sophistication.

    The secrets of lighting for a relaxing atmosphere

    If your dream is to have a space where, once you've finished eating, you can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in your modern kitchen, consider using warm, enveloping lights. In this sense, here are some final examples to help you create the perfect atmosphere:

    Table lamps or fabric lampshades, a real gem of soft and enveloping light. Place these lamps on a counter or on a piece of furniture to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for romantic dinners or family evenings.

    Candle lights, more suitable for an intimate, romantic and relaxing atmosphere. You can place scented candles on the table or shelves to add a touch of magic and romance to your kitchen.

    Gradual lights, perfect for evening relaxation. This type of choice will allow you to adjust the light intensity according to your needs and create a relaxing atmosphere for your evenings.

    Lighting plays a vital role in creating the perfect atmosphere in a modern kitchen. Choose general lighting carefully to cover the space evenly and use under-cabinet lighting to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

    With the right choices, you can transform your kitchen into a welcoming, functional and charming space, where cooking will become a pleasure and spending time with your loved ones will be even more special.

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